Saeid Emamgholian

Candidat au doctorat

Projet de recherche
Une approche centrée sur l'utilisateur pour détecter les conflits spatio-sémantiques au sein des systèmes d'administration des terres

Urban planners often require integrating various sources of information in order to manage consistency with the regulations, subdivision process, emergency response, and deliver building permits. Today, with the increased access to 3D information as 3D City Models, terrain models, subsurface models and 3D cadastral models, the planning instruments is not more limited to maps but much more in designing 3D land information system and searching effective interoperable data and systems. Land use regulation, which is part of regular activities of municipalities or governments, also need to be modernized in order to consider these new sources of information and opportunities.

Sources of information are largely distinct and built from different agencies. So we have to face heterogeneous data and distinct schema data (from the point of view of geometry and semantic). This increasing management complexity requires new approaches and tools to facilitate decision-making.

Design of a conceptual framework to identify and formalize spatio-semantic consistency rules applied to conflict detection between various spatial information will promote the current land management system and make it suitable for fitness for purpose 3D spatial queries and analyses. In addition, this approach would address any spatio-semantic conflicts by retrieving the required information from the geo-database. The objective of this research would be to design an approach based on users’ requirements for detecting conflicts among land regulation systems.
In this regard, after reviewing the related literature, some case studies will be chosen. In this approach, a series of prototypes, user-based evaluation and questionnaires will be used to validate the developed approach. Generally, the methodology of research will be investigated in two phases:
First part of this research is more theoretical and related to the design of a framework for defining spatio-semantic consistency rules for detecting conflicts in the data integration process. Second is about the applications and validity, which is more related to users and experiments.

Direction: Jacynthe Pouliot

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